Clic, Clic, goes the camera. Flip, Flap, do the pages of his photo album.

At an age when children collect cards and stamps, Savary, classifies, counts and orders religiously pictures of his childhood. As a teenager, when his friends were saving up for the car of their dreams, he invests his hard-earned monies in his first camera! From that day onwards, they have become inseparable, like lovers in a timeless embrace, from Phnom-Penh to Montreal, by way of Ouagadougou and Paris. A true complicity marks the relationship between these two friends. And from their unparalleled devotion to each other, countless snapshots of a thousand moments, sad and happy alike. Sadness made manifest in the overwhelming nostalgia of the magnificent sculptures of Angkor Vat, even as they remind us of the exuberant past of Khmer nobility. Sadness made manifest in the deep and touching distress in a child's eyes. Each picture is a work of art. Because Savary is an artist. A unique, but absent-minded individual! He sometimes seems to live in a separate world; a fantastical world which he attempts to share with us through the focus of his lens. It is impossible to foretell where his passion will lead him. But one thing is clear, no one can deny his talent.


    Savary Chhem-Kieth