As you enter the mysterious temples of Angkor, you will be taken and seduced by the delicate beauty of Khmer Art. Observe the Asparas, celestial dancers in pink sandstone; their harmonious and voluptuous lines seem to defy time.. Admire these statues of Buddha, and the oversized faces of King Jayavarman VII, the builder of Angkor; they bear witness to the glorious past of the Khmer people and their enduring spirituality. But Cambodia has not remained trapped in these millenary stones! Its people have not lost their courage and legendary smile, despite years of war and suffering. In the countryside, rice growing, under a scorching sun and traditional fishing in the dark waters of the Tonlé Sap are the mainstays of Cambodian existence. Water and sun, symbols of both country and life, of their renaissance. And when daily existence blends with art, we witness miracles. Sunrise at Angkor Vat, children's play on the pool edge of Sras Srang, a musician and his Chapey… In Cambodia, life continues.

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Le Roi-Soleil


Jeux d'enfants


Sur un air de crépuscule


Les rizieres du laboureur

Exhibition from June 5th to June 20th at Saint-Laurent

Centre des Loisirs, 1375 rue Grenet, Saint-Laurent (Métro Cote Vertu) ouvert tous les jours de 8 h à 22 h